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Beliefs and Culture


The values we believe in help us to effectively work together towards achieving our goals. These are the fundamental beliefs of our organisation, which guide our actions and influence the way we work with each other.

  • Personal Commitment: We are committed to our personnel and our clients, wherein our commitment rests upon factors such as Trust, Respect and Transparency. We foster a working environment where people are respected, challenged and encouraged, where achievements are recognised, and where we enjoy what we do.

  • Leadership: We lead by example. We give and delegate responsibility which helps us in building trust and confidence in each other. We encourage and nurture personnel to develop into successful leaders.

  • Innovation: We constantly strive for innovation and always encourage our personnel to come up with innovative ideas. At Suresh Surana & Associates, developing creative ideas and putting them into action is an ongoing process.

  • Team Work: We believe that the best constructive results come from working together and accordingly we encourage team building and team work. Effective teamwork demands strong Relationships, Respect and Sharing and proper flow of ideas amongst the team members. Teamwork reminds us that individual success depends on how everyone in the organisation works together and that the organisational success depends on all individuals doing their work well. Our commitment to empower and trust our people also helps us to work together more productively as a team to make a positive difference for our clients.

  • Pride: We take pride and personal accountability for our actions. We develop a sense of pride in work which results into enthusiasm and positive attitude at the workplace.

  • Long term Relationship: We at Suresh Surana & Associates, place a lot of importance in building long standing and fruitful relationship with both our personnel and clients. Accordingly, we ensure the provision of a conducive working environment, appropriate growth opportunities, proper training along with delegation of authority and responsibilities to personnel.

  • Quality: Our endeavor has always been to deliver quality services to our clients. All efforts of our personnel are directed to ensure that the quality delivered is par above the expectation of our Clients. We achieve excellence through innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Meritocracy: We believe in equality and providing equal opportunities to all.


Our culture significantly defines the way we do business. Our culture is a blend of transparency, integrity, shared values and varied experiences. We continuously strengthen our culture by being open to new ideas, developing our personnel through continuous training, ensuring transparency and building an open and supportive organisation.

Our culture also supports a learning organisation wherein we continuously develop knowledge and skills within each one of us. Knowledge is a highly valued asset and everyone in the firm has a right to access it. We're ambitious, open minded and flexible and we make sure that everybody has the necessary support and resources to deliver successfully. We make sure that everybody has the requisite support, training and resources to deliver successfully, while they ensure an optimal work-life balance.

We believe in professionalism and also demonstrate the same in every aspect of our business. We grasp initiatives and welcome responsibilities. Our culture inspires us to consistently deliver satisfying results to our clients. We believe in continuous growth and improvement by learning from the ideas of others and also think out of the box.

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