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Performance Orientation

We believe in meritocracy and to promote it, lay a great emphasis on performance and we link both career growth and rewards only to merit and achievement. We customise career paths according to the unique needs and capabilities of our personnel. We have various schemes that challenge them to strive further to enhance their performance levels. Every individual’s performance is evaluated through self appraisal as well as through a transparent feedback from the superiors on pre-defined set parameters.

Further, we have two very unique schemes viz.

  • Innovation and Leadership Development Scheme (ILDS):

    This scheme has been implemented with a view to encourage leadership development and to provide a platform to develop upon individual creative thoughts. Under this scheme, employees can take ownership of any Special Projects (apart from their regular operational responsibilities). Such Special Projects could be unique service offerings or industry vertical focus areas and taking up any such Special Project that could entail developing research materials, marketing collaterals etc.

  • Young Leaders Forum :

    We strongly believe that our growth is being driven due to the efforts at various levels of our group and across various fronts, wherein apart from our senior and middle management team members, our young team members, also contribute substantially. In order to acknowledge the role of such young team members and in appreciation of this, we have constituted the ‘Suresh Surana & Associates – Young Leaders Forum’, a platform with the following key objectives:

    • To develop and hone the leadership potential of identified team members
    • To identify and develop leaders who can take up future challenges
    • To undertake identified key initiatives
    • To support organisational capabilities and development of new service lines
    • To enable continuous value addition in our services
    • To ensure identification of talent across various levels

    Personnel can nominate themselves to be a part of this forum. On receiving the nominations, a designated committee reviews the same and shortlists the members who can be considered for ‘Suresh Surana & Associates – Young Leaders Forum’.

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