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Information Technology (IT) and IT Enabled Services (ITES)

India is regarded as the back office of the world owing mainly to its Information Technology (IT) and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry. According to NASSCOM, revenues from IT sector have grown from 1.2% of the GDP in 1997-98 to 6.1% of GDP in 2009-10. India’s IT and ITES exports currently stand at over US$ 49 billion.

Opportunities and Challenges

The changing economic and business conditions, rapid technological innovation, proliferation of the internet and globalisation are creating an increasingly competitive environment. The role of technology has evolved from supporting corporations to transforming them. Global companies are increasingly turning to offshore technology service providers in order to meet their need for high quality and cost competitive technology solutions.

Companies in Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services industry encounter a wide variety of risks and challenges in their endeavor to create and maintain a seamless, successful, sustainable and scalable business. Some of the challenges faced include:

  • Ability to create and maintain a truly world-class proven global delivery model which would allow the organisation to provide services to its customers on a best shore basis. This would require round the clock execution capabilities across multiple time zones, access to a large pool of highly skilled technology professionals and a knowledge management system to reuse solutions where appropriate.
  • Develop and expand a strong, comprehensive, best in class end to end solutions and service offerings in order to help client gain market differentiation or competitive advantage and thus capture a greater share of client’s technology budgets.
  • Ability to scale when the opportunity arises. This would require constant investment in infrastructure and rapidly recruit, train and deploy new professionals.
  • Manage revenue and expenses during economic downturn, enhance organisation’s capacity to withstand pricing pressures, commoditization of services and decreased utilization rates.
  • Manage exchange rate volatility and counter party risk in treasury operations
  • Expand client list across business verticals to reduce over dependency and risk of losing substantial market share.
  • Maintain superior and sophisticated project management methodology in line with global quality standards and ensure timely, consistent and accurate execution to achieve highest client satisfaction
  • Ensuring successful integration of inorganic growth opportunities that the organisation may undertake from time to time across geographies.

What we do

Some of the key services being offered to this industry include:

  • Internal & Management Audits
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Information System Audits
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Financial Due Diligence & Structuring Services
  • Tax & Regulatory Services
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