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Capital Market Consulting

In today’s dynamic business environment, for any business organization one of the most important challenges is to compete effectively or to grow. Capital funding plays an important role in:

  • ensuring the sustenance and survival of the business in highly challenging environments,
  • in its future growth vis-à-vis organic or inorganic growth,
  • contributes towards brand building of the organization, and
  • greater public visibility with possible benefits in marketing and attracting human resource.

We at Suresh Surana & Associates recognize the huge opportunities / potentials that business organizations can have by accessing the capital market and therefore we have developed a focused team which plays an important role in assisting an organization in achieving its strategic objectives. The services provided by Suresh Surana & Associates are briefly classified into the following broader heads for the purpose of clarity:

  • Structuring of the Organization as a preparatory step towards accessing capital markets.
  • Assistance in accessing the capital market and in determining the suitable financial instrument.

What We Do

  • Suresh Surana & Associates provides assistance to organization in structuring their business which is a preparatory step towards accessing the capital market. The services provided include:

    • Converting the organization into appropriate business form as required to access the capital market. eg. Converting the business into a company
    • Rationalizing the promoters holding, group structure and cross holdings.
    • Analyzing SEBI, Listing requirements and any industry specific regulations
    • Identifying core competencies, key revenue streams, assisting in deciding the pricing policies, conducting SWOT analysis, identifying competitive strengths etc.
    • Preparation of strategic and financial plans for the future periods
    • Assisting in setting up an appropriate Organizational structure including team building, defining roles and responsibilities, planning of human resources etc.
    • Developing an effective Management Information System (MIS) for all Strategic Business Units, advisory in compliance with the Corporate governance requirements etc.
  • Further, Suresh Surana & Associates provides assistance to business organization in determining the right instrument available in the capital market. Some of the Capital Market instruments include:

    • Private Equity (PE),
    • Initial Public Offering (IPO) /Follow on Public Issue / Right issue / preferential allotment,
    • Issue of Bonds,
    • Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs), Optionally Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares / Debentures, etc.
  • Some of the value added services provided by Suresh Surana & Associates include:

    • Business / Share Valuation
    • Delisting from the Capital market for listed entities
    • Procedural compliance required toward mergers, demergers, acquisition, amalgamations, take over, slump sale etc.
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