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Information System Review

In today’s global competitive environment, businesses heavily depend on Information Systems (IS) for decision-making. Business processes are increasingly getting automated and controls becoming less person-dependent. In such a scenario, the significance of Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) cannot be undermined as these are pervasive throughout the business.

The growing dependence of most organisations on Information Systems and the related risks, benefits and opportunities, have made Information Systems Audit an increasingly critical tool for overall governance. Without assurance on Information Systems, enterprises cannot feel certain that the information on which they base their mission-critical decisions are reliable, confidential, secure and available when needed. An Information Systems Audit evaluates the Information Systems from different perspectives such as security, quality, efficiency, reliability, etc. and reports on the risks and its impact on the organisation and also suggest measures to eliminate or minimize the risks.

What We Do

Suresh Surana & Associates provides professional services in the areas of Information Systems Audit which include evaluation of Information Systems & IT Controls considering Organisation standards and International Information Systems frameworks.

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