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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manuals

Need for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual

  • Brings about clarity on the way organisations and its various departments / processes function
  • Provides an opportunity for review of internal control mechanism and identifying gaps in internal controls.
  • Facilitates building up strong Information Technology (IT) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Opportunity for benchmarking against good prevalent practices in the industry.
  • Standardisation of systems and procedures, documentation, MIS, etc. across the organisation.
  • Enables effective corporate governance practices to enhance management’s contribution
  • Provides an effective tool for management control

What We Do

We review the clients’ operations with a view to understand the processes, controls, identify gaps and suggest solutions to formalize the processes and related controls. The typical contents of our SOP Manual would cover:

  • Overview of business process cycle
  • Organisation structure of each functional department
  • Overview of roles and functions of each department
  • Internal and external policies and best practices to be adopted by the department
  • Processes and internal control procedures to be followed by various departments
  • Authorisation procedures for various processes, transactions and documents.
  • MIS requirements
  • Basic statutory compliance checklist
  • Forms to be used by the departments

SSA Methodology

  • Holding discussions with management team and functional heads
  • Capturing of ‘AS IS’ policies and procedures prevalent in the organisation.
  • Review of existing policies, processes, practices and internal control framework
  • Gap analysis and suggestion of improvements thereon
  • Discussions with the management team and functional heads on the revised processes and controls.
  • Co-ordination with the Client on a regular basis on the progress and direction of the assignment
  • Preparation and submission of the draft SOPs and discussion with management.
  • Submission of the final SOP
  • Implementation support
  • Follow-up review
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